Aptus 9U 450mm Deep Wall / Floor Mounting Cabinet with Castors

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9U 450mm Deep Wall / Floor Mounting Cabinet with Castors
Aptus Part Number: DC9U/450F

Top,Bottom and Rear Cable Entries Lockable Front and Side Doors

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The Convicab concept is in nutshell “convertible convenience”. We have taken our standard quality build Wall Mounted Data Cabinet and re-engineered it for quick conversion to floor mounting when required. It was discovered after some market research that around a third of customers who buy basic wall cabinets actually want to mount them on the floor and they don’t necessarily want the generally more expensive models that are seen in Data Centres .

Recalibrated for strength the floor section has been made suitable to accept four castors along with a range of accessories that are specially designed to accommodate both wall and floor scenarios. There are six models available in 9U, 12 and 15U and either 450 or 600mm depth.

An economic solution for a floor mount Data Cabinet .

Wall Mounting – One Enclosure – Two applications means convenient convertibility and so no need for Distributors to stock two ranges. Lockable side and front doors are provided for security and the glass door panel is tempered to BS EN12150 . Added options provided are new style wider knockouts, rear knockouts and the option to attach brush plates to keep the dust out (see below)

Knockouts – All Convicabs have knockouts on the top, bottom and rear. The 9U has one rear knockout in the centre and the 12 and 15U both have two rear knockouts near the top and bottom. The size of the knockouts have been designed to enable a CAT5e or CAT6 patch panel removed from another device to be pulled through saving the re punching of the cables back in again.

Brush Plates – No more gaping holes! while helping to stop ingress of dust. A top mounted surface 5mm deep Brush Plate has been designed with the back edge open so that it can be attached after the cables have been pulled through the knockout. The back-mount surface Brush plate has a small ledge so that the cables are not resting on sharp edge reducing possible damage to the cabling when floor mounting, hence the 10mm depth.

Floor Mounting – The floor has been re enforced with extra steel plates and can accept four screw mounting castors which can quickly be attached . The basic kit includes two normal and two lockable castors, that screw to the re enforced bottom section of the cabinet.

Technical –

Type – 19″ Rackmount
Mounting Post – 1.8mm Thick Steel
Other – 1.0mm Steel
Paint – Textured Powder Paint
Weight Limit – 60kg

Dimensions Width Depth External Height

  • 9U        450   530mm   450mm   485mm + castors
  • 12U      450   530mm   450mm   618mm + castors
  • 15U      450   530mm   450mm   751mm + castors
  • 9U       600   530mm   600mm   485mm + castors
  • 12U      600   530mm   600mm   618mm + castors
  • 15U      600   530mm   600mm   751mm + castors

DC/TOP Brush Plate- top/bottom- for wall/floor mounting.
Dim. 75x300x7mm. Includes screw kit.
DC/BAK Brush Plate- back- for floor mounting
Dim. 75x300x13mm. Includes screw kit
DC/CAST Castor Set of 4 with two locking type. Includes screw kit

Notes- convicab brush plates are bespoke and will not fit other brands of Cabinets.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 53 × 50 × 49.3 cm

Dimensions Width Depth External Height
9U 450mm 530mm 450mm 485mm + castors

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